Time with God

We spend time every day seeking the Lord together.  We do this through worship, prayer, fasting and other spiritual disciplines.  Discipleship simply does not work unless we are daily seeking out our heavenly Father.  We realize that this does not come naturally or easily for many and so we journey together slowly exploring more and more of God’s goodness.

Experiential Learning

Simply sitting in a classroom and learning about Jesus is not enough.  We are called to do much more than that.  At Mile Two, students are always given opportunities to live out their discipleship.  Here’s what we do outside of the classroom:

Service Internships– We will help every Mile Two student find two places where they can regularly minister to those on the margins of society. Once service placement will be with an urban ministry and one will be local. This may be a soup kitchen, a senior’s home, a youth drop-in center, or somewhere else.  The fact is that Jesus said “Whatever you do to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you do to me” (Matt 25:40).  We want to help every student at Mile Two to answer this call well.

Local Church Involvement – No matter what your experience has been with church, we want to give you the opportunity to be a contributing member of a healthy, local church.  If you live close by this can be your home church or if you are not local we will help you find a great church where you can use your gifts.

Group Ministry – We also find many places to gain new experiences and to serve others as a group.  It may be on the campus of Providence, the streets of inner-city Winnipeg, or the land of Israel. God provides us with opportunities to show His love in a variety of settings and with a diversity of people.

Mentor Relationship

Every Mile Two student will have the opportunity to be involved in a mentor relationship where they will meet regularly with a mature follower of Jesus who will journey with them in their walk with God through prayer, counsel and encouragement.  A mentor may be someone on the Mile Two staff or perhaps a relationship that you already have.  We want your mentor relationship to be a profitable experience.

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