Thank you for taking time to visit the Mile Two website as you help your son or daughter make a decision about post-secondary education. As a fellow parent I understand the strong desire you have to see your child succeed in faith and life. We want our children to make good decisions, to have healthy relationships and to be well-grounded in their faith.

The transition from adolescence into adulthood significantly affects every area of life, especially faith. Our goal at Mile Two is to help your son or daughter in those transition years to become deeply rooted as a disciple of Jesus. Whether they go on to a secular or Christian university, a trade school or simply get a job, a year of intentional discipleship will help shape them for the rest of their lives. It is certainly worth the investment. The knowledge and experience gained in a discipleship school will serve as a great foundation, no matter which path of life they choose.

So, I urge you fellow parents to help your children pursue Jesus in a way that will set them on a solid course. Whether that is Mile Two or another school, encourage them to find a place where they can grow and mature in a life-giving community.


Jeff Banman
Mile Two Director

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