There are many great discipleship schools across Canada and around the world.  How do you know if Mile Two Discipleship School is the right school for you?

Here is a list of questions to consider.  If you find yourself answering “yes” to many of these questions then Mile Two may be the right choice for you.

For more details, read the Mile Two Handbook.


The Program

1. Where is Mile Two?

We are located on the campus of Providence in Otterburne, Manitoba. Our location provides us with quick access to Winnipeg and the many ministry opportunities there, while also giving us a quiet place in the country, and ideal learning environment – the best of both worlds!

2. What do you mean by “discipleship”?

Discipleship is the process where we follow Jesus in everything we do. Jesus’ twelve disciples just lived life with him – eating, sleeping, learning, travelling, etc. We do the same thing. Discipleship means living every part of your life with Jesus at the center.

3. Is it an academic program?

Academics play an important role in this program and students earn some university college credit that can be transferred toward future studies. However, learning in Mile Two isn’t broken down into specific courses with evaluation tools such as essays or exams. Mile Two combines classroom and experiential learning with every part of the experience being an integral element of the overall curriculum. For example, serving at the local youth drop-in or conversations with your mentor are considered just as important to learning as a class on the New Testament.

4. Is Mile Two similar to a YWAM DTS or a Capernwray Bible School?

Yes and no. We are similar in that we are all short-term, intensive discipleship schools that focus on learning and service. We are all on the same team yet we are different in a few ways. Mile Two focuses on serving in our local context rather than on mission trips to other countries. We also do academics a little differently and we have a trip to Israel.

5. What is the length of study?

Mile Two follows a semester schedule for a duration of 8 months from September to April. Students will also get a break during Christmas and all other regular holidays.

6. Approximately how much of my time will be spent in the classroom?

Classes are set up in a modular format and run Tuesday-Friday 9:30 am – 12:00pm.

7. Approximately how much of my time will be spent doing service work?

Students will participate in two weekly service placements. One of these placements will be in inner-city Winnipeg. The second placement will be local (either to this community or home community, depending on distance). Placements are typically 2-4 hours each.


Academic Credit

8. Can I get university credit?

Yes, you certainly can! Students who go on to Providence University College will be able to transfer up to 18 credit hours, the equivalent of more than a full semester. Other Christian colleges and universities may also transfer credits.

9. Is it guaranteed that every Mile Two student will receive the credits?

Students must complete all requirements of each individual course and achieve a passing grade to obtain college credits.

10. What do I graduate with?

Successful students receive a Certificate of Discipleship from Providence University College for completing the year. An official Providence University College transcript will be available to students.


Admission Requirements

11. What are the admission requirements for Mile Two?

Students are required to have a High-School Diploma or equivalent.

12. If I am admitted to Mile Two, am I automatically admitted to Providence University College programs?

You must meet Providence University College requirements, however the application fee will be waived.

13. I have completed some university studies already. Can I still do Mile Two?

Yes. Many students choose to take a break in their studies to attend gap year programs like Mile Two.

14. Is there an age requirement?

Mile Two is best suited for students aged 17-23.


Cost of the Program

15. How much does it cost?

For current costs click here. The cost includes most everything, such as full tuition, room & board, and the entire trip to Israel.

16. Does Mile Two qualify for student loans?

We are currently processing this arrangement with Manitoba Student Aid.

17. Can you suggest ways to pay for the year?

  1. Get a job and save up
  2. Ask your church for support
  3. Throw a fundraiser in your church or community
  4. Click here to hear how one Mile Two student paid for his tuition

18. When do payments need to be made?

All charges for the regular semester are due and payable by the Friday of the first week of the semester. A payment arrangement option for full-time students is available by contacting the Accounting Assistant and Student Finance Coordinator.



19. Do I need to be a Christian to attend Mile Two?

Anyone can attend Mile Two, but it wouldn’t make much sense to attend if you are not a follower of Jesus. The entire year focuses on following Jesus through academics, service and community.


Community Life

20. How many students will be enrolled in Mile Two?

We feel that a group of 15-25 students works best for the kind of discipleship environment we want to create.

21. What is the dorm like?

Click here to see a picture of a typical dorm room. The floor plan of the Mile Two dorm is similar to the Sweet dorm.

22. Will I get my own room?

Probably not. You will likely have one roommate.


Israel Trip

23. Is the Israel trip safe?

We hear a lot on the news these days about the Middle East and the ongoing conflict between Israel and its neighbors, so we understand why you might want to know if Mile Two students are heading to a safe place. The short answer to the question is “yes.” Approximately 75,000 Canadians visit Israel each year in relative comfort and safety. Tourism is a major factor of the Israeli economy with 3.5 million total tourists in 2012 and as such, every effort is made to keep the tourism industry safe and reliable. There is, however, risk in any travel we undertake. Whether we travel to inner-city Chicago, or Mexico, or Israel there is always potential for hazardous situations. If the political turmoil in Israel were to again reach a point where travel was deemed unsafe, then we would turn to Plan B, a tour of Greece/Turkey to visit the cities of Paul’s missionary journeys. At the present time travel in Israel is quite safe and we are excited to be able to offer this opportunity.

24. Are there extra costs for the Israel trip?

The only additional costs that Mile Two students must incur are passports (unless already obtained), and personal spending money for the trip. All other expenses are covered in the School Fees.

25. Do I need any special vaccinations or a visa to visit Israel?

Israel is an entirely westernized country so no special vaccinations are required. Citizens of most western countries, including Canada, need only a passport to visit Israel.


If you would like to discuss your suitability for Mile Two, or have questions about the application process, please  Contact Us.

“My love for Jesus has grown immensely because of the teachings and my supportive second family.” ~ Chantel H. (2015)


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