Jeff Banman

Jeff is the Director of Mile Two. He is a former youth pastor, discipleship school director, and adjunct faculty at Providence. Jeff lives on campus with his wife Nicole and daughters Calli and Erica. His main interests (in no particular order) are discipleship and teaching, woodworking projects with his girls, playing any sport he can, reading good books, family game night, eating real Mexican food with his wife and hanging out with students.

Angelle Arinobu

Angelle has an energetic passion for working with young adults, showing them glimpses of themselves as God’s image bearers, and walking alongside them on their journey. This passion led her to spend some years as a camp Program Director and now as the Assistant Director at Mile Two. Angelle’s other roles include Lecturer in Providence Seminary and Counsellor in Steinbach. In her downtime, Angelle loves listening to and playing music, regarding herself as an amateur foodie, and making and drinking coffee. She will occasionally craft a crocheted blanket or a knitted hat.

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