We have many gifted men and women who teach at Mile Two who have various church experience and come from all walks of life. Each of our teachers meets these two requirements:

  1. They are gifted communicators who teach the truths of Scripture in an understandable and meaningful way.
  2. They are living a life of discipleship.  They follow Jesus with all their hearts and live a life worth imitating.

The following are a sample of some of the instructors teaching at Mile Two.

Instructor Bios

Carla Schmidt

Carla Schmidt, M.A.
Counsellor, Youth for Christ Portage

Carla grew up in a Plymouth Brethren church as a child but later moved in Charismatic, Catholic, Pentecostal, Mennonite and Christian Missionary Alliance Church settings. She has taught Sunday School to youth for many years and loves teaching youth and young adults especially because they face important choice points that can change the trajectory of their lives and because there is often a flexibility of heart and mind that hungers for change and authenticity that is refreshing.

Carla works part time with Youth for Christ in Portage where she counsels and mentors youth and also on a First Nations reserve with junior high kids in the school as well as with other community members.

Paul Kroeker

Paul Kroeker is currently the Canadian Director for Global Disciples Canada and a Facilitator for the development of discipleship programs in North America and Europe. His prayer is to see the awakening of the Church in NA and EU through discipleship.  He has 30 years of experience in Christian education and ministry, most recently directing the Outtatown Discipleship program at CMU.His studies include Bible School training at WBI, a BSc from U of M, an MA in OT from Cincinnati and an MTh from Regent College in BC.

Justin Bradbury

Justin Bradbury is a Church Planter with the Central Canada District of the Wesleyan Church. He and his wife Angie launched New Horizons International Church in South Winnipeg in 2015. This multi-ethnic congregation has a specialized outreach ministry to new immigrant families called the International Place of Friendship. Justin is also a PhD student at the University of Manchester, UK where he is studying Wesleyan theology and missiology. Justin has been a pastor since 1997 and previously served in the inner city and suburbs of Toronto, Winnipeg, and Kingston.

Danny Mackay

As a wild youth, Danny was radically saved when he met Christ at 17. While on the run in a stolen car, he stumbled upon a book that introduced him to the Savior. He has never been the same. Since then his journey through ministry has included camp ministry, worship leading, youth pastor, and national spokesman for World Vision.

Now having been called to ‘I Am Second’, Danny is a sought after speaker at men’s events, breakfasts, churches, schools, retreats, conferences, and concerts as well as making regular appearances on radio and television. He speaks to all ages and inspires them to get involved in building God’s kingdom.

Rachel Twigg-Boyce

Rachel Twigg Boyce is a spiritual director and the pastor of House Blend Ministries When she is not working she can often be found drinking coffee, walking her dog, or doing both at the same time.

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