Exam week

While the rest of the school is neck-deep in exams, Mile Two students are keeping to their same, regular schedule.  We did a sort of mini-reflection this morning with the students where they shared about their favourite classes and special memories from this past semester.  Their most recent classes with Jeff and before that, John Rempel, came up very regularly.  This theme of “getting real” seemed to really resonate with this year’s students and it’s been a joy to see them find meaningful ways of expressing themselves.

This week, we are happy to have Paul Kroeker back with us for a few days.  Paul has been involved with discipleship schools in Canada for decades and I’m looking forward to the students being able to glean from his wisdom and learn from his soft heart.  Please pray for Paul as he ministers to our students this week and as he makes the commute back and forth from Winnipeg on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The students will be done Thursday night, so please pray that they will have a restful break over Christmas.  I’ll be taking a break too and will resume these blog posts about halfway through January.

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