It’s Advent Season!  I love this time of expectant waiting and preparation.  Providence rang in Advent with its Festival of Christmas Praise on the weekend – 2 evenings filled with singing, brass music, Scripture readings, and reflections.  It was lovely to see a couple of our Mile Two students participating through singing and a/v.

The semester is winding down with only 11 days left and for the most part it seems like the students are looking forward to Christmas coming.  What they seem the most excited about is all the Christmas parties and banquets in the next couple weeks.

Last week the students had a great week with John Rempel.  He invested a lot of extra time in them, even doing an extra “guy talk” and “girl talk” in the afternoons!  We are so thankful for the time that he spent with our students, making sure they felt important and loved.  This week is a mixed bag.  Jeff is going to spend a few days talking with the students on some tough-but-important topics and Dr. Michael Gilmour will spend a day with the students talking about animals in the Bible.  Dr. Gilmour has a passion for all of God’s creatures and is a Fellow at Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.  I think it will be a very interesting week for the students!  Please pray for both Jeff and Michael as they present on some ideas from the Bible that most of the these students won’t be used to looking at or hearing about.  Please also pray for our students’ safety on the roads as they head to and from their service placements.  It’s pretty slippery out there these days!

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