The end is near

The end is near…the end of the semester that is!  It’s almost the start of Advent, which means all the Christmas things are starting (although the girls have been rocking out to the Christmas tunes for a few weeks now).  Last week was a great week with Dr. Kara Mandryk.  The students enjoyed hearing (and experiencing) different forms of church worship.  They even had a little impromptu choir on Thursday afternoon and apparently sounded quite lovely!

This week one of our old favourites, John Rempel, is here to speak to the students about telling their Story.  John directs one of the YFCs in southern Manitoba and tends to make excellent connections with young adults.  I’m excited to hear how the students receive him this week!  Please pray for John as he ministers to the students this week.  Please continue to pray for our students.  Many of them have situations outside of Mile Two that seem to be adding much, distracting stress to their lives these days.  We are thankful for all of you who journey with us in prayer!

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