A Week Away

There has been a lot happening around here these days, including the first snowfall that stuck!  It’s been a cold week, and I’m happy that it has warmed up today.  Last week the students enjoyed a new teacher every day.  It was the week that we have dubbed “seminary week” because it is the week that four professors from the seminary teach.  This week is always a personal highlight because these are my colleagues that I work with when I’m not working in Mile Two!  I have valued each of their input into my personal life, so I’m so happy when Mile Two students can benefit from their knowledge and wisdom!

This week, we’ve changed things up a bit for the students.  In just an hour, they will be hitting the road, and heading out to Camp Cedarwood until Thursday.  We did this with the students last year and the staff at Cedarwood reported what a huge blessing it was to have 13 extra pairs of hands, serving in various ways around the camp.  This year the students will be out there for a shorter time, but they are all hard workers, so I’m looking forward to hearing what they will accomplish while they are out there.  This is also an opportunity for them to practice making wise decisions and solving interpersonal conflict without their “leaders” around to guide them.  I know that they will do well at this as many of them have been already practicing their own leadership skills amongst the group.  Please pray with us for their time at the camp.  Please pray for their safety as they travel and also as they work and pray that this will be a time of growth and maturation for them.  I am hoping to share some pictures on Instagram with you as the week progresses, and as they (hopefully) send me pictures!

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