Warm and windy days

It was announced today that we have just 8 weeks left of this semester.  Does it sound cliché if I say that it seems like we all just met yesterday?  Some days it seems like that and some days it’s as if the students have known each for a very long time.  This morning’s discussion was a good example of the students feeling like they’ve been around for a while as they were able to have a very thoughtful and deep discussion about heaven.  Every year, we have our students read, “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman and we discuss it every Monday morning.  Generally speaking, students enjoy the book, and this year’s group doesn’t seem to be an exception.  This morning, we experienced a discussion the book that was different than most other times I’ve ever discussed this book with students, as they really dug into talking about God’s presence and heaven and directing our prayers horizontally versus vertically.  It’s moments like these, that make me appreciate the depth these Mile Two students want to reach, as they relate with God.

The students were all pretty excited to learn more about themselves as they went through their Myers-Briggs personality types with Eric Friesen.  This week, we have another Friesen speaking.  Professor Garth Friesen, who teaches Youth Ministry at Steinbach Bible College, will be joining us this week to teach about the Psalms.  Garth is always a highlight for our students, with his easy-going, friendly nature, and deep knowledge of the Bible.  We are happy to have him back again.  Please pray for Garth as he serves our students this week through teaching.  Please also pray for our students as many of them are feeling the mid-semester tiredness take over and are not always the most motivated to get things done.

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