The snow! It was here!

The snow was here only briefly on Saturday morning, but by the time students were rolling out of bed, I’m quite certain it had disappeared.  It made way for a beautiful Sunday, to enjoy the outdoor soccer game, which a few of our students did!  As per usual on Monday mornings, our students were quite energetic and didn’t seem to hold back in sharing about their weekends and their last week with R.J., which they thoroughly enjoyed.  The students have been keeping busy these last couple weeks, working on a couple different assignments that Jeff had given them.  For one of the assignments, they had a choice of memorizing a chapter in Matthew, or of creating something.  This morning, we were treated to an artistic representation of the first 30 years of Jesus’ life, a full 15 minute sermon, and a 3 minute monologue from the perspective of Judas.  The students all did well and were so creative!

This week, we welcome Eric Friesen, who will be teaching a course called Personalities in the Bible.  Eric Friesen is a life coach and owner of his coaching business, Lead Freely.  He’s also a bit of a specialist in the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, hence his course title.  This is Eric’s first time joining us at Mile Two, so we’re very curious to meet him (there’s a little of my INTJ peeking out there).  Please join me in praying for Eric’s time with us this week, as well as for the students as they continue at their service placements.  We are really excited about what God is doing through our students at each of these places!

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