Happy Reformation Day!

Tomorrow marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenburg Cathedral.  This moment in time changed everything.  The Church has been forever changed by this one act, and so we have spent the last week at Providence learning about this momentous day.  On Thursday we spent a part of the evening watching a documentary on this start of the Reformation and this morning, Providence’s History Professor, Dr. Patricia Janzen-Loewen answered a number of the students’ questions about the Protestant Reformation and the documentary that we watched.  I don’t usually sit in on the student’s classes, but I sat in on this morning’s class and it was helpful to learn together with the students about this aspect of our church history.

This week Justin Bradbury will be teaching on the topic of Church Planting.  Justin and his wife Ange are church planters in Winnipeg, so as a part of his class, the students will tour some church plants in Winnipeg.  As one of the assignments from a different teacher, the students have been visiting different types of churches and worshipping in different ways.  A couple weeks ago, the students learned about the Early Church in Acts, so I’m looking forward to hearing how they synthesize all of these classes plus these side lectures on the Reformation!  As you pray for Mile Two this week, please pray for Justin.  Please also pray for our students’ mental health.  A combination of things can make this time of year especially difficult, mentally, including a drastic change in weather, shorter daylight hours, relationships not being so new and shiny, and a huge amount of self-reflection.  We are thankful for those of you that read and pray along with us each and every week!

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