Cooler Days

The last days of summer were enjoyed to their fullest extent this last week.  On Thursday, everyone headed to our good friends, The Franklins, for a bonfire.  Dr. Patrick Franklin teaches Theology and Ethics and his wife Elena Taliotis-Franklin teaches Spiritual Direction courses, both in Providence Seminary.  It was so great to have a home to relax and play in and we are so thankful for colleagues that open up their homes to our students.  I have found this ministry as having just as much value as teaching ministry as it can be very soul nourishing for students just “be” with a family in their home.  Concluding this post, I will include some pictures that Elena sent me from their evening together.

Last week the students worked their way through the book of Matthew with Jeff.  This week, Jeff is continuing his series on the Synoptic Gospels, focusing on the book of Mark.  I am very much looking forward to hearing students’ reflections on Mark once they’re done the week.

Please continue to pray for our students as now’s the season of sickness!  Personally I came down with a pretty nasty cold just before the weekend and my voice is just starting to come back.  I noticed this morning especially that many students were sniffling and coughing, so please pray for general health for our students.  This weekend our students will be volunteering with Ride for Refuge in Winnipeg so pray that they are all healthy to stand out in the cold morning air as they cheer riders going by.

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